1.1.0 #

  • Released on: 25 June, 2015
  • Branched from master on: 4 December, 2015
  • ~850 changes, numerous bugfixes

Highlights #

  • The std::fs module has been expanded to expand the set of functionality exposed:
    • DirEntry now supports optimizations like file_type and metadata which don’t incur a syscall on some platforms.
    • A symlink_metadata function has been added.
    • The fs::Metadata structure now lowers to its OS counterpart, providing access to all underlying information.
  • The compiler now contains extended explanations of many errors. When an error with an explanation occurs the compiler suggests using the --explain flag to read the explanation. Error explanations are also available online.
  • Thanks to multiple improvements to type checking, as well as other work, the time to bootstrap the compiler decreased by 32%.

Libraries #

Misc #