1.3.0 #

  • Released on: 17 September, 2015
  • Branched from master on: 4 December, 2015
  • ~900 changes, numerous bugfixes

Highlights #

  • The new object lifetime defaults have been turned on after a cycle of warnings about the change. Now types like &'a Box<Trait> (or &'a Rc<Trait>, etc) will change from being interpreted as &'a Box<Trait+'a> to &'a Box<Trait+'static>.
  • The Rustonomicon is a new book in the official documentation that dives into writing unsafe Rust.
  • The Duration API, has been stabilized. This basic unit of timekeeping is employed by other std APIs, as well as out-of-tree time crates.

Breaking Changes #

Language #

Libraries #

Misc #