1.52.1 #

  • Released on: 10 May, 2021
  • This is a patch release

This release disables incremental compilation, unless the user has explicitly opted in via the newly added RUSTC_FORCE_INCREMENTAL=1 environment variable.

This is due to the widespread, and frequently occurring, breakage encountered by Rust users due to newly enabled incremental verification in 1.52.0. Notably, Rust users should upgrade to 1.52.0 or 1.52.1: the bugs that are detected by newly added incremental verification are still present in past stable versions, and are not yet fixed on any channel. These bugs can lead to miscompilation of Rust binaries.

These problems only affect incremental builds, so release builds with Cargo should not be affected unless the user has explicitly opted into incremental. Debug and check builds are affected.

See 84970 for more details.