1.6.0 #

  • Released on: 21 January, 2016
  • Branched from master on: 4 December, 2015

Language #

  • The #![no_std] attribute causes a crate to not be linked to the standard library, but only the core library, as described in RFC 1184. The core library defines common types and traits but has no platform dependencies whatsoever, and is the basis for Rust software in environments that cannot support a full port of the standard library, such as operating systems. Most of the core library is now stable.

Libraries #

Cargo #

  • Cargo will look in $CARGO_HOME/bin for subcommands by default.
  • Cargo build scripts can specify their dependencies by emitting the rerun-if-changed key.
  • crates.io will reject publication of crates with dependencies that have a wildcard version constraint. Crates with wildcard dependencies were seen to cause a variety of problems, as described in RFC 1241. Since 1.5 publication of such crates has emitted a warning.
  • cargo clean accepts a --release flag to clean the release folder. A variety of artifacts that Cargo failed to clean are now correctly deleted.

Misc #

Compatibility Notes #